Barb is the Club Member of the Year
In recognition of her continuing contribution to the Club over many years, and in many capacities, Barb van Galen was voted the 2023 Club Member of the Year at the April meeting.
Congratulations to Barb on her
well-earned recognition.
Ken and Ray Made Life Members
Ken Batson and Ray van Galen were awarded Life Membership of the Club after the members endorsed their nominations at the April meeting. Both men were surprised by the announcement. However the following citations demonstrate how much they have contributed over the years.
Ken Batson
Ray van Galen
Ken joined the W.D.H.V.C. in 1989
He served on the Club Committee for nine years from 1994 to 2005 and was Rally Director for six years from 1997 to 2003, organising club rallies and outings, which is a time consuming task that requires considerable effort and dedication, as this is a vital aspect of the club’s function.
For several years Ken organised and operated monthly picture nights at the Clubrooms, and in 1998 he suggested and then organised the start of the monthly “dine out” nights.
In 2000 Ken arranged a six week trip to Europe for a group of 29 club members, many of whom said that they not have travelled overseas alone and therefore appreciated Ken’s organisation of a club group trip.
He was voted by the general membership as “Club Member of the Year” in 2000.
Ken has hosted club events at his home and property for “around the houses” rallies.
For over 15 years, Ken has organised the W.D.H.V.C site at the Bendigo swap. This has required Ken to transport the tent, table, chairs and obtain catering requirement on the Friday and set them up for the weekend. This club site has been a very valuable facility for our members who used it for refreshments, to drop off parts or gather for a lunchtime sausage sizzle. The provision of this club site for the benefit of members required a substantial commitment from Ken, but he readily did this for the benefit of our Club members.
Ken has demonstrated an ongoing and consistent dedication to the W.D.H.V.C.
Ray joined the W.D.H.V.C. in 2000
and has served four years on the Club Committee, one year as Vice President and in 2014/15, a year as Club President..
In 2009 Ray arranged for some members to meet for an informal “Tinker Day” This became so successful that in 2010 the club recognised “Tinker days” as a regular monthly event and Ray has continued to organise these until recently.
Since 2015, Ray has also organised the regular “Smell the Roses” run, particularly suitable for motorcycles. He has made his home available on several occasions for club rally visits.
Ray administers the “Mars Bar Competition” featuring early photos of club members printed in “Backfire”, inviting readers to guess the person featured.
Ray has a “can do” attitude when he attends to numerous matters in the clubrooms, such as the audio or defibrillator maintenance. He has assisted with “Backfire” printing and postage and is always willing to attend to maintenance function requirements in the clubrooms.
Being a qualified mechanic, Ray has been a welcome source of advice and a “get you going” man on rallies. He has been very involved in the preparation and manning of our Swap Meet. Ray represents our Club at engine rallies as a displayer of his machines, and is a strong advocate for health and safety requirements for our activities.
The general membership has recognised Ray’s dedication, by voting him as “Club Member of the Year” on two occasions: 2010 and 2013.
Ray has demonstrated an ongoing and helpful dedication to the W.D.H.V.C.
Annette wins the Eric Baker Award
Annette Marshall was announced as the 2023 winner of the Eric Baker Award at the May meeting.
The award is presented by the Committee each year in appreciation for a club member who has contributed significantly to the club over time, or made a particular contribution that year.
Annette has been an unassuming member of the kitchen volunteers for a number of years. She is always available to help out whenever needed and helps to produce the delicious and timely food & drink that features at so many club events. Congratulations Annette.

Annette holds her personal trophy. President David holds the Eric Baker Memorial Appreciation trophy, which Annette also gets to keep for the next 12 months. The trophy takes the form of a bowler hat. Past member Eric Baker (A.K.A. “Mr Swap”) revitalised the Club’s annual swap meet, where he was seen sporting a bowler hat - hence the trophy.
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