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Western District Historic Vehicle Club
Old and New at St Anthony’s
We were invited to visit St. Anthony’s School, Lara, for our coffee run on 4 May. Twenty cars with a range of ages were put on display on a lovely, sunny, autumn day.
The School Principal, Mrs. Natalie Heard (who is Sandra Batson’s daughter) greeted us and the school staff made us very welcome.
The Grade One and Two classes are studying “old and new”, and the day was to introduce them to older vehicles. They came out first and were well prepared, with questions about the age and type of vehicles. Many club members invited the students to sit in the cars or the “dicky” seat, and car horns got a workout. The children were respectful and interested. One student was heard to say “Wow, this car is older than my Mum!”
These were followed by the Prep. students, who, amazingly, were just as interested. Principal Natalie then invited us into the school hall for a sumptuous morning tea as a thank-you. This consisted of mini quiches, sausage rolls, fresh sandwiches and a variety of luscious looking slices.
After we returned to our cars, the rest of the school was allowed to come and look. Then the Principal invited those who were interested to take a tour of the school. Most people took advantage and were taken on an informative tour of a modern day primary school. The school is very well run and organised for 450 students. A couple of car club members said they wish school had been like this in their day.
The visit was arranged to give students the benefit of learning about vehicles of past years and we understand this was achieved. However our members received great satisfaction in presenting our cars and we enjoyed the day immensely.
Following our visit many students from Grade Two wrote thank you letters which were read out at our May meeting. There was also a thank you card from all of Grade One.
Thanks to Col Jordan for organising the day.
Text: Sandra Batson & Trevor Schneider. Photos: St Anthony’s
Tinker Day 18 May
It was a dark and stormy night, err, no it wasn’t; it was a dark and rainy day when we all travelled to Haydn and Leanne’s place to enjoy another social Tinker Day. Around 30 hardy souls ventured to Clifton Springs to have a look at a number of interesting motorcycles. We were greeted with two speedway motorcycles in the driveway under a marquee. Then in the shed a nearly completed Triumph Bonneville and an early 350cc AJS sitting on its stand awaiting the restoration process.
Haydn told us a little of his long history of riding speedway bikes and how he first found his love of motorcycles through his father who had a 500cc Matchless. He start-ed one of the speedway bikes, and I can tell you, the smell of burning methanol is better than any perfume I’ve ever come across!
While on the subject of pleasing fragrances, a big thank you to Leanne for making a wonder-ful pot of vegetable soup. Not only did it smell good, it tasted pretty damn good too. Just the thing on this rather cool wet day. Of course, the BBQ was going at lunchtime so snags and onions on bread were the order of the day. Food, hot drinks, motorcycles and good company made for a really wonderful Tinker Day. A huge thanks to Haydn and Leanne for their hospitality and for opening up their place for us to invade. It is no small amount of effort our hosts make to ensure we have a great day out so it is wonderful to see so many members make the effort to attend.
As an aside: considering the way our last two Tinker Day hosts have fed and watered us, it might be worth noting that the precedent is now well set for the future Tinker Days!
- Dallas