Presidents Run 2018

The weather was kind to the 40 plus people who attended this year’s President’s Day at Shea’s property.
Unlike the bitterly cold experience of last year, we actually had to seek the shade at times. Nor did we
mind the brisk breeze - because it was WARM!
After the customary initial shyness, competitors were soon lining up to try their skills in the various
driving challenges—with a plentiful supply of advice (whether asked for or not) forthcoming from
navigators/passengers, the opposing team, officials and spectators. Our ever reliable little vehicles even
raised dust as they careered up and down between the witches hats. Great to see participants of all ages
and both sexes taking a turn at the wheel.
Of special note was the sterling job done by Jack Thomas in his immaculate Model T and top-hatted Ivan
Cave in his smooth, sibilant steamer (look that one up in your Macquaries). A seemingly endless stream
of passengers lined up for a magical trundle down the gravel drive.
Congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to our generous hosts for making the property
available and Presidents past and present (and their helpers) for organising the day.

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