Ken Batson
Our club includes people with a wealth of knowledge and experience that we wish to preserve.
This is the seventh in a series about these “Club Legends”.
Ken was born in 1944 in Geelong. He has a brother,
Mervyn. He lived all his life on a farm in Moriac. In his own
words, he has never been able to sit still. At the age of 15
his father bought another farm and he started working
there - and has never stopped.

Ken tells of having a new David Brown tractor on the farm and Mervyn
driving it home from the Gala Day parade at the age of 14.
They produced sheep and he supplied Ivorsons with lucerne
hay which he sowed, cut and baled on his own: a lot of work, but it gave him a nice extra income.

He first became interested in cars in the 50’s. He learnt to drive in a Commer truck: typical farm kid. His first car was a 1956 Zephyr ute.
Ken will tell you he has owned lots of cars but his first
restoration was a 56 Customline. His dream car depends on his mood at the time as he is happy with what he has got. He has a lot of cars. Most
were restored to a certain extent.

Ken has been in the WDHVC for about 35 years and he started when the club was in the Nissan Huts in North Geelong. He was events organiser and rally director for five years and started the dine-outs. He has also been on the Committee.
Ken organised movie nights for two years, Christmas
Dinner at the club for people on their own and New Year’s Eve dinner. (Afterwards they watched the fireworks from the clubrooms.) He was also Club Member of the Year twice.

In 2000 he organised a trip to Europe for 27 members, many who had never been out of Australia. He also proposed to his future wife Sandra at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. (how romantic )
He has most enjoyed being part of the club and talking to people of similar interests, club runs and the swap, but just being the club.
When l went to Ken’s shed l thought he had a few cars but l was sadly mistaken - he has a lot.
He also has model cars, jigsaws and dolls from all over the world. It is all displayed beautifully. His other interests are a pot plant garden and tinkering and fixing things.
Ken is happy in his own little world with Sandra by his side and from what l learned, just as happy in the club now as
He is an asset to our club and a legend in his own way.
- Sharyn
Western District Historic Vehicle Club
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