When a person decides to join the club, the applicant will need to fill in a Membership Application form. This will need to be completed with a Nominee and Seconder from the membership.
The prospective member must be nominated and seconded by someone known to them already in the club. If the prospective member is new to the area and perhaps does not yet know anyone, they are encouraged to come along to a few meetings or outings and become known.
Once an application has been received and ALL sections are completed correctly, the application will be given to the Membership Registrar, dated and numbered so that it can be entered onto the waiting list in the correct order.
The Committee will only process correctly completed applications.
When a membership vacancy occurs and the applicant’s name reaches the top of the waiting list, the applicant will be notified by the Membership Registrar and will be invited to attend a Committee meeting, where their application will be discussed. If they are unable to attend this Committee meeting, they will be offered another opportunity for the following Committee meeting. If they are unavailable for this meeting also, the Committee will review that application and may decide to offer another opportunity at the next Committee meeting or the application may be moved to the bottom of the waiting list. In this case, the next applicant on the list will be offered an opportunity in their place.
If the applicant is successful at the Committee meeting, he/she will be notified in a timely manner, usually within one week.
On receipt of their notification, they will have two general meetings in which to offer to join the club by paying their membership fees.
If payment is not made within this time the offer to join will be deemed to have lapsed and will require no further consideration by the Committee.
The next on the waiting list will then begin the process.
Come along to a meeting which is held on the SECOND Tuesday of the month at the Geelong Showgrounds at 7.30pm and pick up an Application Form. ( Sorry we don't email them)
Western District Historic Vehicle Club
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