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Western District Historic Vehicle Club
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Hi to all,
I'll begin with an update on the golf cart that has
been purchased for the club to use at swap meets.
Thanks to those who came to pick up the cart and
shed, to Fred for the clean-up of the cart, and to
Murray for allowing us to store it at his property.
We plan to extend the shed that came with the new
cart to fit both golf carts and the blue trailer. This
will clear up space in our garage at the club to create
a more suitable Tech Night area. We are waiting on
approval from the Show Grounds Committee to
air condition that space.
Preliminary talks have also begun regarding
improvements and extension to the kitchen, which
will make it a more workable safe space.
A great day was had at Scotsburn for the Tinker Day.
We enjoyed a varied collection of cars, engines and
tractors. Over 40 members attended. Big thanks to
Ray van Galen for the organisation.
Thanks to all members who purchased items
belonging to Coral Nicholson. Coral really
appreciated this effort. There are still some items
We're looking forward to hearing all about the
much anticipated Ladies' Day. Details and a
sign-up sheet will be at the next meeting and in
the Backfire.
Looking forward to seeing you at the next meeting
on 9 July.
Some of the stationary engines
on display at Scotsburn.
Photo: Sharyn Harris