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I live in Qld and while hunting for parts in Vic the WDHVC Geelong was recommended to me by a friend who lives in Geelong who is willing to help me with shipping and thank you for taking the time to read this email.
I’ve purchase a 47 Buick Roadmaster L8 322ci with gearbox, torque tube and rear axle/diff.

I have paid a small deposit on a 1925 Buick (model 2525 ‘Standard’ Chassis that is missing the front axle, steering components and front suspension and brakes. I’d be happy to forgo the deposit I’ve paid in preference of a complete Buick Standard or Master chassis with all suspension, brakes and steering and I’d also possibly be interested (if available) the front radiator support, lights, engine cowls and the firewall section of the body. If full chassis the year is less important as long as it has leaf springs all round so pre 1931.  If someone has a front axle, it would need to preferably be complete with steering, suspension and brake drums optional and come from a 1925 Standard unless interchangeable with other years and/or models. I’m interested in any pre 1930 Buick parts.

I’d be very appreciative if you could ask your members or recommend someone I can talk to about parts availability in you area.

So looking for something like the following Buick chassis (don’t need the wheels) and doesn’t need to be in this condition in either Master or Standard
Or Standard 1925 front axle (or interchangeable)
I’ve put a deposit on below (model 2525 – 1925 Standard … I believe):
This is what I’d like to build:
Click to enlarge
In summary:
1925 Standard complete front axle with all suspension (leaf springs) steering components and brakes or axle from another year that is interchangeable
Pre-1931 full leaf spring chassis  with all front and rear suspension, brakes and steering in either a Standard or Master model. Also interested in, as an option: drive line (rear axle and torque tube) in the front radiator support and surround, lights, engine cowls and the firewall section of the body and any gauges.

Thanks again for your time.

Mick Stumpf
Western District Historic Vehicle Club
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