Max Tucker

Our club includes people with a wealth of knowledge and experience that we wish to preserve.
This is the third in a series about these “Club Legends”.
Thank You again for the write up: Sharyn Harris

Max was born in 1938 in Geelong. He attended Geelong Tech and his first job was as apprenticed to his father as a carpenter. It was his happy job: he didn’t want to do anything else. Not many people can say that about their working life.

He married the beautiful Gwen in 1962 and they the proceeded to have five children and now have eight grandies.
His first car was a 1956 Ford Prefect, but he needed a work ute so he bought a Zephyr.

His first restoration was a 1930 Model A sedan.
He has the roadster and a ute and a truck, which l didn’t see. Also a very nice red Triumph TR4 which he doesn’t drive now because as he says it’s very hard to get in and out of, but he turns it on occasionally and admires the tone and thunder.

His dream car is a classic Mustang convertible (mine too).

Max was a foundation member of the WDHVC and also a foundation member of the Model A club.
Gwen and Max toured in a Pontiac which he bought from new.
They did long distance rallies and Norm Lehmann’s Battlers Runs, along with their five kids and had a great time. Gwen had a child on her knee and the others were crammed in the back seat. Oh they were the days!!!
Max was also on the Federation Executive Committee, touring other clubs to show them how to run their clubs.
He also said he never saw one as good as ours.

Apart from cars Max had a great interest in model planes, building and flying them with great success.
They would fly at Adelaide and Queenscliff. He was an Australian champion. Chasing free flying planes kept him fit.

Max has great insights into the club and as he said when the club got the rooms at the Showgrounds people seemed to relax and enjoy the club much better than when they had to pack up after every meeting.

Max and Gwen said the club has been a wonderful group to be involved with all the family involved. Many a time they put their daughter to sleep by putting her on the back seat of the Pontiac and going for a drive.
It was a different era with every-body having old second cars.

When you talk to Max and Gwen you get to under-stand how much they love the car club.
As Max says, you never see anyone standing on their own at meeting as someone will go and talk to them.
The long friendships they have made will stay with them forever.
Max is a true gentle-man and also a legend.
Sharyn Harris
Our club includes people with a wealth of knowledge and experience that we wish to preserve.
Western District Historic Vehicle Club
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