Trevor Warren
Our club includes people with a wealth of knowledge and experience that we wish to preserve. This is the fourth in a series about these “Club Legends”.
Trevor was born in 1929 in Leopold on the banks of Lake Connewarre. He went to the Leopold School for seven years, then two years at Geelong Tech. He also did a further two years at the Gordon Tech wool classing school.
His first car was an ABC Roadster which he drove from Barrabool to Dalgetys Wool store for three seasons.
His father had a model T Ford ute: they would jack up the back wheel and use as a fly wheel.
While wool classing in the Mallee he wanted to get a truck off an old fellow who wanted a trailer so Trevor built one to swap and got his truck. He then got an engine from the tip.
He married Annetta in 1989 and as he said, he waited a long time to start married life and got the best.
He got his licence in his grandma’s 1938 Pontiac and when the policeman asked: ”How long have you been driving?” he replied: “About 10 years.” Country kids: you can’t keep them out of cars etc.
He then got a 1946 Chev Ute and the first model Holden (1952) in 1954 and had it for about 10 years. He told me his favourite was an HR Holden: they were good cars. His restoring bug started with the late Bob Coulson (past club member), who had a model T.
He joined the Vintage Machinery Club in 1970 because he likes to fiddle with old engines. He then moved on to build a model T. He found half a chassis - firewall to front - and when he asked what car it was, they told him it was a truck.
Trevor and Netta had a 27 Chev tourer and a Pontiac (the same as Granny’s) and a Chev ute 9, the same as they had on the farm. Their favourite rally car was the Pontiac, which they did many long distance rallies in.
Trevor’s dream car would be a Rolls Royce. He has been in the WDHVC for over 30 years and their favourite events have been rallies to Burra, Bay to Birdwood, the Snowy Mountains and the Blue Mountains.
Trevor has been president of the Royal Geelong Agricultural and Pastoral Society from 2000 to 2002 and a member of the governing council for over 45 years. As a result he has a collection of tractors and old engines, in-cluding a Ferguson W6, a Massey Harrison and three John Deere tractors.
When l asked Trevor and Netta what they liked most about the WDHVC both replied the enjoyment of like-minded people and the companionship of everybody. They have enjoyed every year of being in the club.
Trevor, who is 93, still goes out to the farm a couple of times a week to tinker. If l am still as able as he is at 93, l would consider myself a legend, just like Trevor.
Sharyn Harris
Western District Historic Vehicle Club
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